High Plains Bible Mission

Reaching out to those who Seek to Know God

Publisher of books to heal the soul

Gain insight into why you do the things you do 

Learn how to correctly forgive and be set free from anger, stress, hang-ups and addictions

What you did not know about forgiving

Cure Anger – Don’t manage it

Live in the Spiritual Promised Land — You thought you knew God!

The “How To” have Real change in Your Life

Find the key to the Abundant Life — What Man is blind to and cannot see — The KINGDOM

 Terry and Pat Stueck

Taking 1st Century Christianity to the Streets, Highways and Hedges

 In the service of giving a hand-up to the afflicted and hurting by connecting them to the “Hope of this World”, the forgiving savior, Jesus and helping them grow to “know” Him.

Terry Graduated from Missouri State University in 1970 and Faith Theological Seminary in 1973.  He began inner-city mission work in 1973 at the Bible Rescue Mission on Madison Street, the heart of Chicago’s infamous “skid row” and the Pacific Garden Mission on Chicago’s south side.  He has been involved in evangelism and church growth as a missionary over a wide range of fields.   His missionary service extended from the inner-cities, to church planting, church rescue, and military installations at home and abroad.  In 1997, he founded the High Plains Bible Mission in New Mexico as an outreach to native and inner-city communities. He services as the director of the mission and is the author of Forgive Instantly & Live Free and Being God: Stealing God’s Power, Glory and Kingdom.


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